Naming Ceremony Saturday 3rd June 2017

I was lucky enough to be asked by a lovely couple to perform a naming ceremony on their 2 year old daughter, Evelyn.  We met and chatted and then we corresponded and talked on the phone for the next couple of months. There were around 80 people at the ceremony and obviously lots of children.  It was a big affair.  The venue was Weybourne House in Guildford in the Masonic Temple.  Lovely setting.  They also do weddings and you can arrive on a boat on the river and then walk up to the temple.  The ceremony went really well and I received a lovely email from the parents afterwards.

Naming Ceremony Saturday 10th June 2017

I was contacted only a week before this ceremony.  Luckily Holly,  the mother, had written most of the ceremony, but when I looked through it, I could see things that needed changing.  Unfortunately I was off to Croatia the following day and didn’t get back until the day before the ceremony.  I was able to check the script on my phone and text my ideas to Holly.  The ceremony went really well and was an intimate affair at the Church Crookham Community Hall.

Wedding Saturday 29th July 2017

I performed a wedding ceremony at Deans Court in Wimborne for Toby and Melissa who live in Hong Kong. We skyped for our initial meeting, when they were living in Singapore. I wrote a ceremony and sent it to them, we had some editing and some readings put in. Toby and Melissa got married in October of 2016 in Singapore but wanted all their friends and family to see them married when they were back in the UK. There were 120 people… it was a lovely affair, very romantic. I was honoured to be asked to perform the ceremony.